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For the purpose of stimulating regional competitiveness, Region Östergötland has conducted an analysis of the regional strength areas in which Region Östergötland is particularly successful.

There are five strength areas of Östergötland:

  • Effective logistics – for example goods, personal and material management, processes for service delivery
  • Business models and arenas for sustainable systems solutions – for example, bio-based circular economy, waste, energy
  • Smart, robust and secure connected products and systems - for example, Internet security - integrated communication electronics, sensors, printed electronics
  • Visualisation and simulation  – for example, to visualise complex data, interaction with virtual models, interactive media, games
  • Advanced materials - for example, coating for metals and plastics, nano-structured materials such as graphene and bio-compatible materials.

These areas provide good opportunities for increased competitiveness and international growth potential such as capacity to contribute to regional growth. The various regions of Europe are seeking funding for research, technological development and innovation within the framework of the EU-program Horizon 2020. The EU highlights the importance of increasing the regional responsibility for these issues.  In order to avoid a situation where many regions seek funding in the same areas, the Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) was developed, aimed at identifying regional strength areas with a unique potential for growth and increased competitiveness.

The strategy creates the preconditions for realisation of smart regional policy, which in turn contributes to smart growth in the EU’s member countries. Smart specialisation is a method and a way of working to prioritise projects that strengthen SMEs and thus the region’s competitiveness. Real competitiveness leads to an increased power of attraction, which is an effective short cut to growth.

Östergötland has its own strategy for smart specialisation that is based on an in-depth analysis of regional assets in the fields of technology and knowledge, such as strong partnership between SMEs, academia and public organisation.


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