Region Östergötland

In English - Finished projects

A project which includes the Archipelago in the Baltic Sea Region and connects accessibility, business development and environmental aspects in which former Östsam East Sweden Regional Council was project owner in a partnership with the municipalities of Norrköping, Söderköping and Valdemarsvik as well as 11 other partners from the Baltic Sea Region.
The Bench projects aims to develop the Region Östergötland’s contacts with China in order to support activities and companies and it also aims to develop methods of delegation visits and increase investments. Nine partners from Sweden, Finland and Estonia worked together in this project which was funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
Urban Creative Poles
Urban Creative Poles focuses on developing the creative industry and urban development by highlighting the creative industries and increase an urban attractiveness. This is achieved by way of developing areas and methods of urban renewal in a cooperation with partners from Lithuania, Germany, Estonia and Poland.
Creative Growth
Cooperation project with focus on the creative industry for the purpose of creating better prerequisites for companies and businesses within the creative sector and to make the creative industries more visible. The East Sweden Regional Council, Östsam was the project owner and worked together with eleven partners from the UK, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Spain and Lithuania.
The project aims at sharing experiences within adult education and the connection to the EU 2020 strategy. 15 regions were selected from the south of England and together they are going to participate in four seminars during 2012.
The YES project is a three-year INTERREG IVC project that ended December 31, 2012 and which brought together eight partner regions from eight EU-countries. The project owner was the County Administrative Board in Östergötland. The aim of the YES project is to contribute to European competitiveness and accelerate the regional economic growth through the promotion of entrepreneurial spirit in the next generation. The method is to integrate an entrepreneurial perspective in the classroom for developing children’s skills, for example creativity, risk-taking and responsibility. 
Plug In
Former East Sweden Regional Council Östsam was a partner of the national project Plug-In. The project focuses on the challenges faced by school and those students who leave school prematurely, so-called drop-outs. Plug In is based both on the development needs and opportunities to develop on the local, regional and national level in order to decrease the drop-outs in upper secondary school. The project ended in July 2014. 
Growing up together
The project focuses on the exchange of good practices and experiences regarding the integration and inclusion of newly-arrived students in school. Former Östsam Regional Council and the Emilia Romagna region of Italy were partners. The project duration was two years and it ended in 2012.
The focus of the project is the exchange of experience within international cooperation between 14 partners from six EU-countries. The project is funded within the framework of the Europe for Citizens program. During the project meetings will take place with the participation of politicians, officials and non-profit organisations. The project ended in 2014. 
The project focuses on social enterprises by analyzing the situation regarding the social economy in each region and then by the exchanging best practices. The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fond and will include the exchange of good practice and experience between nine partners from eight different EU countries. The project ended in 2014.