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Region Östergötland EU office is part of the Regional Council of Östergötland in the Southeast of Sweden.
Östergötland is located 150 km south of Stockholm, between the capital and the other big cities of Gothenburg and Malmö, and borders the Baltic Sea. Östergötland has a population of roughly 450 000 inhabitants and is home to two of Sweden's ten most populated cities: Linköping and Norrköping.

Region Östergötland EU office functions as a bridge between Östergötland and the EU, covering issues from the region's perspective. The staff regularly attends conferences and network meetings, representing Östergötland in various important issues. The office has a primary focus on four broad areas of coverage: health and care, culture and nature, business and labour market and community planning.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us with any inquiries using the contact information found to the right on this page.


Bild på Thomas Högman

Thomas Högman

Tillförordnad kontorsansvarig, Strateg EU-frågor

+32 497 39 75 95


Bild på Ludvig Olanders

Ludvig Olanders

Informationsansvarig EU-kontoret

+32 (0) 497 63 10 75


Bild på Madeleine Koskull

Madeleine Koskull

Kontorsansvarig, EU-kontoret

010-103 00 00

+32 (0)499 83 66 39


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